There is i-Cozy, there is enjoyment.
i-Cozy attracts attention of many consumers. Its design is very simply, and it always brings you fun. No matter you are in bed, sofa, floor, or in the kitchen, the car, it would let you get on harmoniously with iPad, that makes happy and fun filled your entire life space.
Have fun for playing on bed
i-Cozy with the original design of the 360 degree three-dimensional free rotation that makes your bed PAD life as pleasant and comfortable. It is easy to bid farewell to a day. Further, up to 0.6 m wide and up to 0.3 m spacing let your body free to access.
Free to play on floor and sofa
i-Cozy can be easily placed on the floor or on the sofa so that PAD play space is free. It is free to play, it is free to combine.
Have a good time in the car
i-Cozy skillfully achieved seamlessly connection with car seat. Twist the PAD Stand, then you can enjoy the wonderful interaction with PAD. And, it makes your travelling in car full of fun.
Play with PAD, enjoy the joy of cooking
i-Cozy applies a patented design to make PAD easily placed on kitchen countertop and cabinets, thereafter, cooking is no longer monotonous.
Designed with dual friction shaft, i-Cozy can hold the iPad at any viewing angle freely.
The iPad Stand consist of two components, the “holder” and the brackets with friction shaft. The material of Aluminum is light and steady, it is easy to swing and roll the holder under the help of the dual friction shaft, all above offer you free viewing angle in use of iPad.
For all iPad models,including iPad 2/3/4.
The holder part can roll, turn, swing, and can glide along the aluminum railway after unfastening the big plastic screw at the back side, all above consist of the patent for i-Cozy, and help you to relax your hands!
Light and stable, covered with protection foam.
The bedding base consists of two parts, the long leg and the slot for the stand. The long leg is easy to disassembleinto two parts, this make it smaller and easy to pack.Its coat is made of high quality foam, this kind of foam is used on sports machines commonly, this offer you morecomfort and safe in use.The smart application of ergonomics tech in i-Cozy, it offers you free viewing angles whenever to lie on your back, onyour one side or on your stomach, in sofa, in the bed, various environments.
Soft and safe protection foam. The bedding base is easy and quick to assemble and disassemble. It is comfortable to use i-Cozy in various environments such as in the sofa, in the bed and so on, for both children and adults.
The long leg consists of two parts, convenient and easy to assemble.
The refined steel leg and the slot on the bedding base, they suit to each other well and easy to mount.
Easy and quick to amount, i-Cozy is compatible to most of current cars with flexible clips.
The vehicle base consists of two parts, the clips and the slot for the stand. The clips are flexible and can be adjusted according to the size of the neck diameter of the seats. The base is small and smart, it almost has no influence on the space of the cars.Under the help of the friction shaft, you may turn the iPad upward, downward, to the left, or to the right, you are the commander how it works!
The refined steel leg and the slot on the vehicle base, they suit to each other well and easy to mount.
The maximal distance between the two screws on the vehicle base is 210mm, it is OK for all the seat’s necks whose diameter is blow this size, it is compatible to most of current cars.
Hide the base in the kitchen cabinet
The kitchen base consists of two parts, the metal base with screw and the slot for the stand. You may hide the base in the cabinet, as well mount onto the countertop, whatever you would like, you may get the most comfortable viewing angles under the help of i-Cozy.
The refined steel leg and the slot on the kitchen base, they suit to each other well and easy to mount.
The thickness of the board to insert into the base is 5-33mm.

Application For

For iPad 2/3/4

Technical Spec

item dimension(L x W x H) weight
Stand 218x95x45mm(8.6x3.7x1.8 inch) 208g(0.46 lbs)
Kitchen base 125x53x95mm(4.9x2.0x3.7 inch) 300g(0.66 lb)
Vehicle base 243x32x56mm(9.6x1.3x2.2 inch) 173g(0.38 lb)
Bedding base 630x306x328mm(24.8x12x2.2 inch) 990g(2.18 lb)

Product Dimension